Fishing rod

The Dynano-tex is a high modulus carbon fabric with a spreading system for unidirectional reinforcement without weft. The carbon is treated and superimposed in a completely different way compared to traditional processes. The carbon fabrics are monodirectional with transverse inserts that increase strength without affecting the weight and elasticity of the drum. With this system, the barrel is a cylindrical tube without coil of unique strength and lightness, with considerable advantages on the assembly of rings or pulleys but even more important the action is not constrained by the pull of large preys because it will be exactly the same in any situation of torsion both vertical and lateral / transversely simplifying the action of the angler especially if we are facing competitions where the recovery time of the prey plays a very important role on the final score. With the advent of braided braided wires it is ideal for acid mounting in both drifting and trolling.

We have paid particular attention to the painting and assembly of the drums with the highest quality materials. We have also developed a series of colors and an exclusive coating that covers the rod incorporating the ligatures, giving an extraordinary aesthetic effect by strengthening the stem from any accidental strokes, while maintaining the elasticity and lightness that distinguish our barrels.

All Key West Rods drums are covered by a lifetime warranty; the result of thirty years’ experience in the design of big game and trolling rods and proof of the extreme confidence we have placed in this latest generation material.

Data sheet:

Material: Dynano-tex

Mounted length of the shaft: 127cm

Total length with straight / curved handle: 170cm

Drum weight mounted without handle: 325gr

Total weight with handle: 680gr


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